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Udokan Copper launches development of climate program

Udokan Copper launches development of climate program
Udokan Copper has launched the development of its own climate program, covering direct and indirect emissions of all classifications (Scopes 1, 2 and 3), carbon intensity of production and product carbon footprint.
This was announced by the Deputy CEO for Sustainable Development of the company, Yulia Shabala, speaking on May 19, 2021 in Moscow at the Sustainable Development Forum.
Ms. Shabala noted that the development project of largest copper deposit in Russia is currently at the first stage of constructing the main technological facilities of the Udokan mining and metallurgical plant. Production is scheduled to start in 2023.
She also pointed out that the project is being implemented in extremely difficult climatic conditions, in high altitude mountains. The company started the project on high base conditions, using the most advanced and energy efficient technologies. The production itself does not presuppose additional emission reductions, they are already at the lowest possible level. The Transbaikal Territory is also not considered as gasified or energy-deficient region. In general, the economy of the Far East is developing much faster than its energy infrastructure.
If the appropriate infrastructure is created, the company will consider the use of renewable energy sources at the second project stage. Feasibility study for this variant is already under development.
Also, adhering to the principles of responsible business conduct, Udokan Copper is considering the possibility of obtaining a standard of compliance with the Copper Mark framework.
Copper Mark is an independent organization that provides the world's first and only ESG assurance framework for copper producers, promoting advanced development and innovative practices in the industry. It contains 32 independently audited criteria. The framework guarantees confirmation of compliance with the goals of sustainable and low-carbon development.

Ms. Shabala also noted that copper is an important metal for reducing worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. "Copper is a red metal that can enable a green future. It is critical for electrification and is used in products ranging from electrical cables to wind turbines and electric cars. "The launch of major new projects such as the Udokan mine, which is the largest in Russia and the fourth in terms of reserves in the world, is crucial for furthering the transition to a green economy", she emphasized.
19 May 2021