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EW Building Construction Started at Udokan

 EW Building Construction Started at Udokan
Udokan Copper has started the installation of vertical metal structures - columns at the future electro winning area. The EW Building is a key production facility for the metallurgical process, providing the final product, cathode with a copper content of 99.9%.
In addition, more than half of the metal frame of the SX Building has already been installed. Here they began to install trusses - horizontal slabs through large spans between vertical structures. In the SX Building, copper will be removed from aqueous solutions to be sent to electro winning.
Let us remind you that the technological complex of the future mining and metallurgical plant unites the concentrator and the metallurgical plant. The technological scheme of the enterprise under construction will provide two stages - ore preparation with ore concentration and hydrometallurgy. According to German Mironov, General Director of Udokan Copper, a number of technologies are envisaged at the stage of hydrometallurgical production that have not yet been implemented at Russian enterprises.
As German Mironov noted: “The process line for SX process of the hydrometallurgical plant will be formed from modules assembled at the manufacturer's plant, and not individual pieces of equipment, which would require assembly on site and complicate construction. Modular structures are completed by the manufacturer - this ensures a high coefficient of technical readiness, allows to carry out the construction and installation works in a short time".
According to him, the use of this technology has no analogues in Russia.
25 February 2021