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Second 220kV HV Power Transmission Line Constructed at Udokan

Second 220kV HV Power Transmission Line Constructed at Udokan

The second high-voltage power transmission line (double-circuit) extended for 25 km from the substation in Novaya Chara settlement up to Udokan MMP site.

98 towers were erected for installation of the cable with the weight of more than 196 tons. Foundations of the towers were implemented with due account for severe climatic and seismic conditions in the north part of Zabaikalye. Cutting volume amounted to more than 50,000 m3.

As General Director of Baikal Mining Company German Mironov stated, “Commissioning works have commenced within the framework of testing at the facility. Commissioning will be completed by the end of April 2021.”

Previously, BMC finished construction of stage II of Udokan MMP substation. Overall power of stages I and II will make up 50 MW.

Construction stage I of power infrastructure (substation and the first 220 kV HV power transmission line) was brought to a close as early as at the end of 2019.

Besides, to supply the plant with electric energy at the stage of saleable product production, BMC is building 220/35/10kV Bluzhdayushchy substation with the capacity of 146 MW.

Baikal Mining Company, part of USM Group (diversified group of companies with the founder Alisher Usmanov), is the operator of Udokan Copper Deposit.

Udokan Copper Deposit situated in Kalar District of Zabaikelye Region is currently the third largest undeveloped copper deposit globally.

Processing output at Mining and Metallurgical Plant Stage 1 shall amount to 12 mtpa of copper ore. The plant will produce cathode copper and sulphide concentrate.

Upon reaching full design capacity the plant shall provide up to 5,000 jobs, with up to 20,000 jobs in related sectors. Udokan Mining and Metallurgical plant shall provide up to 10% of Gross Regional Product of Zabaikalye Region.

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21 December 2020