Sustainable Development

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Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection

Maximum mitigation of potential negative environmental and social impacts and safeguarding the interests of all the stakeholders are one of the major tasks of BMC LLC during implementation of Udokan copper deposit development project.

In compliance with Performance Standards of International Financial Corporation and with due account of the Russian law requirements, the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Udokan copper deposit development Project was held in 2010-2014.

ESIA was performed by international consulting company SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd. in stages during 4 years, starting with preliminary assessment in July 2010.

Detailed environmental assessment was carried out based on design solutions set forth in the International Feasibility Study for Udokan copper deposit development Project prepared by Fluor and on the data of full-scale environmental and social studies performed in 2011-2013.

Taking due account of socioeconomic aspects is an integral part of successful implementation of the project, therefore interests and needs of the local population and the issues related to the region`s development will be considered by the company over the whole life cycle of the Project. With this end in view, the company developed “Stakeholder Engagement Plan for Udokan Project” and “Background Information Document”. These are working documents and will be updated as and when necessary.

Since 2010, BMC LLC has continuously cooperated with the stakeholders involved in the Project implementation. The results of this process and stakeholders requests were taken into consideration at all stages of work: when compiling the baseline environmental and social studies program, during the impact assessment terms of reference discussion and also while conducting the impact assessment. 

On June 18, 2014 the company held the final meeting with the stakeholders involved in the Project implementation in Udokan settlement in order to discuss the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment results.

Within the framework of the Agreement on Social and Economic Cooperation with the Government of Zabaikalye Region, BMC LLC supports the priority social projects of the region on an annual basis. As of today, the company has supported about 100 social projects.


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