Project Overview

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Socioeconomic Effects

The Project has no equal in Russia from the point of view of potential budget and socio-economic effects, consisting in creation of 4 thousand jobs at the enterprise itself and up to 20 thousand jobs with due account of related sectors (4% of the economically active population of Zabaikalye Region) and in considerable growth of budget receipts at all stages of project execution.

The Project has a significant multiplier effect on the economy of Zabaikalye Region and Russian Federation on the whole. Besides:

  • Each ruble invested in the Project implementation will provide Zabaikalye Gross Regional Product growth of more than 4 rubles;
  • After Udokan Mining-Metallurgical Complex reaches its design capacity, proceeds of its activity will provide up to 8% of Zabaikalye Gross Regional Product;
  • Strategic branches of Russian economy will be supplied with their own strategic raw materials.

Udokan deposit development will provide an impetus to mining-metallurgical industry, motor road and railway infrastructure, power sector, civil engineering and other branches of economy of the Far East and Siberia.

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