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30 Deer from Amur Region Arrive in Kalar Deer Farms

30 Deer from Amur Region Arrive in Kalar Deer Farms
Driving of deer population from Agdan Evenki community in Amur Region to the north of Zabaikalye took more than a month. 28 springing deer and 2 harts purchased out of the funds of Baikal Mining Company already arrived in six deer farms of Kalar District.

As Head of Association of Indigenous Minorities of the North Inna Ferko stated, “Purchase of deer will enable to vitalize the deer, grade up the mountain-taiga breed and stability of its genic balance.” She said that species composition had never been upgraded for the last 30 years.

The amount of breeding stock of reindeer essential for Kalar farms was determined as early as in autumn 2019 within the framework of domestic deer registration in the north of Zabaikalye by chipping (numeric clips). Starting from August 2019 experts from Saint Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk registered deer population in eight communities of three farms. Registration of deer in Kalar farms will continue in spring. The largest communities – Gevan, Metakat, Syulban – are the next in turn.

Accurate information about the population of deer will enable to get a real picture of deer farms and communities in the north of Zabaikalye. These data will become a basis for the development of additional support measures for the traditional types of Evenki nature management.

Evenki communities are supported within the framework of the Agreement for Social and Economic Cooperation between the Government of Zabaikalye Region, Administration of Kalar District and Baikal Mining Company.

29 January 2020