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The locals of Kalar District welcomed the foundation of a regional reserve “Ingamakit”

The locals of Kalar District welcomed the foundation of a regional reserve “Ingamakit”
The assembly hall of Chara village – the regional center (Kalar District) – hosted a public hearing on the foundation of a preferentially protected natural area of regional significance – a natural landscape reserve “Ingamakitsky”.
The session was attended by the regional residents, representatives of “Kalar District” municipal administration, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Zabaikalye Region, the Institute of Natural Resources, Ecology and Cryology of SB RAS (INREC RAS), the State Public Institution “Administration of Preferentially Protected Natural Territories of Zabaikalye Region”.
In this session, the regional dwellers were introduced to the reserve area protection approach. As explained by Alexey Fortygin, Director for Health, Safety and Environment of BMC, the reserve operations shall enable the locals to freely visit its territory. He also informed that the Company would contribute to the development of the preferentially protected natural territories of Kalar District of Zabaikalye Region.
It is worth reminding that in 2019 Baikal Mining Company signed an agreement with INREC RAS for financing of development of an environmental and economic feasibility study for creation of two preferentially protected natural territories (PPNT).
For instance, the Kalar District territory of Zabaikalye Region will engulf a nature reserve of regional significance “Ingamakitsky” and a state natural sanctuary “Udokan”.
The designed reserve territory is essential to preservation and rehabilitation of natural systems, land habitats of threatened and endangered species of plants and animals of the Verkhnecharskaya hollow and the Udokan ridge foothills.
The documents required to found the reserve were formalized in late 2019, which was followed by a public hearing in accordance with the laws of the Kalar District Administration.
Under this project, INREC RAS has summarized the archived materials including the reports of field surveys completed in the past years. The researchers have presented an environmental and economic feasibility study describing the natural conditions, flora and fauna, and specifically the protected species of plants and animals, topsoil, current ecosystem condition, socioeconomic features of the territory, paleontological and stratigraphical sanctuaries.
The total area of the designed “Ingamakitsky” reserve shall cover 43,361.2 hactares.

13 January 2020