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First Power Supplied to Highland Substation at Udokan

First Power Supplied to Highland Substation at Udokan
In 2019 BMC performed foundation works and erection of 96 power transmission towers, hanging, sighting and relaying of wires, structural steel erection and installation of electrical equipment, including 100 t power transformer. Besides, the whole complex of equipment was tested. More than 330 employees of two contractors were involved in construction.

As General Director of Baikal Mining Company German Mironov stated: “Power infrastructure facilities required for the plant construction were erected on time and are in full operational status”.

According to Mr.Mironov, equipment commissioning and tests under up to 10 MW load will be carried out until March 2020.

To connect the substation to the Federal Grid FGC UES upgraded Chara 220 kV substation with installed capacity of 176 MVA. The upgrade was related to the change of 220 kV outdoor switchgear configuration with installation of new 220 kV bays, to two of which it is supposed to connect the new transmission lines built by BMC up to Udokan MMP 220/35/10 kV substation. At Stage 1 connection is effected via one Chara – Udokan MMP 220 kV transmission line.
24 December 2019