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100t Power Transformer Delivered to Udokan MMP Construction Site

100t Power Transformer Delivered to Udokan MMP Construction Site
A transformer with the capacity of more than 80 MW was delivered to the construction site of 220/35/10 kV substation.

As Deputy Construction Director of BMC LLC Sergey Zhilenko noted, “A transformer is one of the main elements of the power infrastructure that will provide uninterruptible power supply at all stages of Udokan MMP construction.”

Baikal Mining Company has proceeded to installation of the power transformer and switchgear modules. Wiring of power lines is under way as well, supports have been installed at the 22km section from Novaya Chara to the Construction Site.

Works at other facilities of the future Udokan MMP are also in progress as planned. Foundation pour for the Concentrator, including Grinding and Flotation Buildings, is in full gear.

Grading is being conducted at Bluzhdayusсhy site.

Currently more than 1,000 people are engaged in the construction of the Plant. In the near future, 250 more contractor workers will come to live in new modular living quarters built in the vicinity of Udokan MMP Construction Site.

In October operation of a bypass motor road up to the Construction Site bypassing Udokan settlement was started. 14 October 2019